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May 13th, 2011
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The Imune

The Imune

About LJS&S Publishing

LJS&S Publishing is committed to publishing innovative fiction and non-fiction from both new and established authors in order to launch and grow bestselling careers for books in diverse genres including science fiction, fantasy, thriller (science, political, techno, medical, etc), action-adventure, horror, and historical fiction. Our non-fiction offerings including political science, true crime, biography, education, philosophy, social science, and reference manuals for niche markets. Our product portfolio is further diversified with our documentary films and posters. In exchange for distribution rights, we offer a variety of publishing option, major distribution, generous compensation, and national media exposure. LJS&S Publishing's competitive edge resides in forging collaborative partnerships with authors on all aspects of the publishing in order to skyrocket our authors to long-term success. Our publications appear in bookstores across the globe, the Smithsonian, and in a variety of academic settings.

Wordwide Distribution

We ensure distribution with some of the largest book sales channels in the world. All of our books are made available through major on-line booksellers including giants in the industry such as and Barnes& Also, our books are available in thousands of mainstream and independent bookstores. Large-scale wholesale distribution is provided by partnerships with the leading book distributors. Also, readers across the globe can purchase hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions directly from LJS&S and ebooksellers including

Electronic Formats

Our publications are sold in e-book editions through thousands of booksellers including, Barnes&,, Powell's, Mobipocket, and directly through our website. In addition to international internet distribution, we share printing and distribution facilities with some of the largest publishers in the world with production facilities in the U.S. to ensure quality manufacturing and easy access to our titles.

Top Royalties

Author royalties are based on the retail price, so you know exactly how much each sale is worth. Our authors have access to one of the highest royalties in the publishing business, ranging from 10% to 30% of the retail price, depending on the mode and level of the sale.

Author-Friendly Publishing Agreement

With LJS&S Publishing, our authors retain all copyrights.